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Multilingua Franca supports its valued clients with professional translation services and complementary language solutions in English or Spanish in a diverse range of fields.

The atmosphere of our office allows for precise and meticulous completion of all our projects, always on time and with professional talent.

Our goal is to deliver carefully crafted and meticulously checked, and natural-sounding translation that speaks to your target audience in the language they understand.

Through our careful translation process, we make sure that the translated text conveys the style, tone, and intent of the original text, with all the cultural and regional nuances intact.


Here is what we can help you with:

Certified Translation
Editing & Proofreading
Translation Services

English to Spanish and vice versa translators with expert knowledge of a variety of different industries.


(audio or video)

Transcription is the transfer of a spoken message into written text. A professional transcriber carefully listens to an interview, presentation, or other audio format and accurately transcribes the dialogue into text. When speech is transcribed, it is easier to share, edit, index, and cross-reference. 

There are many reasons why you would want to transcribe your audio or video recording. Whether you need to transcribe focus groups, interviews, earnings calls, legal proceedings, video footage, conferences or other content, count on us as your professional English or Spanish language audio transcription partner.

Multilingua Franca’s transcription pricing is direct and simple. It is based on a price per minute of audio that varies depending on the language and complexity of the content of the source audio feed. If the transcription needs to be translated into another language, an additional charge will be added to the final price. As our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, there are large volume discounts and incentives for recurring customers.

Certified Translations

Multilingua Franca provides certified translation services of legal and official documents which are intended for official use (submission before a formal authority) or not, such as but not limited to customs and immigration documents, birth and death certificates, academic records (transcripts), property deeds, marriage and divorce certificates, adoption papers, medical records, financial records, wills, legal or business contracts, insurance policies, articles of incorporation, criminal record certificates, court transcripts, etc. 

A Certified Translation (Official Translation) means that a professional translator has issued a signed statement (Certificate of Accuracy) declaring that the translation was done by a qualified translator and is an accurate and complete rendering of the original document.

On some occasions, a certified translation is notarized. Notarizing a certified translation implies adding another step (and document) to the requisite. A notarized translation is signed by the translator in front of a notary public, who puts their signature and stamp to give proof of the authenticity of the translation. This signed document is known as an affidavit. A certified translation doesn’t need to be signed in front of a notary and therefore requires no affidavit. Make sure that you verify what type of translation you have to submit because in most cases the certified translation is sufficient.

Examples of documents that require Certified Translation:


  • Diplomas

  • Certificates

  • Transcripts of grades

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Course descriptions

  • Others


  • Agreements

  • Title deeds

  • Powers of attorney

  • Last wills and testaments

  • Divorce decrees

  • Affidavits

  • Witness testimonies/statements

  • Others


  • Articles of incorporation

  • Annual reports

  • Profit and loss (P&L) statement

  • Balance Sheets or Statements of Financial Position

  • Accounting policies

  • Auditors reports

  • Others


  • Birth & death certificates

  • Marriage certificates

  • Driving licenses

  • Identity cards

  • Passports

  • Insurance policies

  • Health certificates

  • Medical records

  • Naturalization certificates

  • Adoption papers

  • Others

TRANSLATIONS: Bridging the gap in global communication


Get in touch 2.png


  1. Contact us via the contact form, email or phone and provide us with details about your project (e.g. word count, subject, type of texts, deadline, etc.)

  2. Send us the texts that need to be translated.

New Picture (1).png
Step 2


  1. After analyzing your text, you will receive a free personalized quote, along with our terms and conditions.

  2. Together, we can discuss your needs and come to an agreement.

  3. Payment terms.

New Picture (6).png
Step 3


  1. Glossary,  reference materials and preparation for translation.

  2. Your translation will be carried out.

  3. Query resolution process.

  4. A quality assurance check will be performed to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

world delivery.png
Step 4


  1. You will receive the translated document(s).

  2. You confirm that you have received the documents and that the translation meets your standards and specific requests.

Step 5


  1. After your confirmation and approval, you will receive our invoice.

  2. Payment terms.

End, for now

Approving your quote confirms your project and the deadline for your project. As our diary often gets filled in advance, we can’t guarantee our availability until a project is confirmed.

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